Social Responsibility

The Companies’ Involvement in activities of the social responsibility – it should be a basic part of the working strategy of the private and government companies, because it provide them with opportunities of interconnection with the society in fructifying positive manner, and it reflects fundamentals and values of our sublime Islamic religion, that emphasized and set forth on necessity of the joint social solidarity among individuals of the Society, and consequently this fundamental is regarded a dedication to our role as a private sector, side by side of the government institutions – in nation’s building and human renaissance for the sake of a better future, and Silsan Company enhanced that responsibility and is bent on construction of a complete strategy for dealing with this responsibility.

Our values impose on us (Silsan Company) a positive participation in respect of our Society, in which we live, for realization of the principle of the mutual solidarity among individuals of the Society, and due to our absolute belief in importance of participation in the social responsibility, so we consider this participation, of course as a gratitude to the society, in which we flourished and plucked the fruits from its treasures.

From among the most important contributions as our social Responsibility

  • Free voyages for the special needy peoples and their companions.
  • To open a scope of shop-floor training and summer work for male and female students in the Company.
  • Donation of 5% of the net profit of the Company – to Charitable Committees.
  • Participation in National Program for Environment Protection, through rescuing of boats from the sea bottom and cleaving of the sea bottom.
  • To participate the Company #Our Sea Deserves for Rehabilitation#.