Our Customers

The Company is working for more than two decades, and during the year 2018 has conducted a comprehensive material examination of all its activities for its secured existence as the vanguard and forerunner of the companies, competitive in the market.

About it, always we are proud of the accuracy, care and trust-worthiness that we provide it to our customers through the serviced rendered to them, according to the policy we have executed – guaranteeing the fulfillment of our customers’ requirements in the most perfect manner for guarantee of comfort to our customers. We redrafted our site on Internet completely and we are determined to continue lifting of our practical standards to increase the volume of our activity and raising the performance level to the best may be, through providing electronic reservation service, by way of website and implementation, by Silsan Co., of all sea voyages, in addition to providing exclusive rental offers for the sea voyages on daily basis to our current customers and new customers.

Our customers and employees are in the first place of our efforts, and we guarantee them our continuous commitment for execution of a strong strategy for realization of the highest standards through a set of our comprehensive services.

We take this opportunity to send to our customers, shareholders and employees our sincere gratitude on all of their support that they rendered to the Company since its incorporation, plus our commitment for serving our customers in the best way possible, in spite of the difficult challenges and severe competition in the market of marine trade.