Weichai Engines Marine Propulsion

WP4/6 Series Marine Diesel Engine Power

WP4/WP6 series diesel engine is upgrade version of 226B series high-speed diesel engine which is manufactured by a joint venture co-founded by Weichai and Germany-based Deutz AG with increased strokes and optimized design. It has advantages of compact structure, high reliability, high economic performance, easy operation and maintenance. This series engine, as main or auxiliary engine, are chiefly mounted on small-size transport ships and fishing boats on inland rivers. Power range:35-168kW

WD10/12, WP12 Series Marine Diesel Engine

Boasting high economic performance and environmental friendliness, Weichai WD10/12, WP12 series marine diesel engines are based on brand new design concepts and have inherited the compact structure of engines mounted on vehicles. This series are ideally used on river transport ships, fishing boats and public vessels. Power range:130-405kW

WP12/WP13 Series Marine Engine 258-405kw Diesel Engine

226B-3C series marine diesel engine

R6160/X170 Series Marine Diesel Engine

R610 and X170 series are new generations of marine diesel engines developed by Weichai in response to the market demand. Representing the internationally advanced design concept and a new achievement of Weichai's over fifty years experience in developing and producing engines, this series engine excel in such aspects as power coverage, economic performance, emission and quick start-up. It is widely applied to various ships. Power range: 164-601kW