Silsan Dive Center

Yacht Silsan Dive is highlighted with its fascinating speed, and it is good for marine excursions, island voyages, fishing and diving and those lovers SNORKELLING, and the yacht holds facilities and toilet and comfortable sittings – having capacity of 15 guests, covered with umbrellas – protective from sunrays and also the boat all of stores necessary for all of equipment and accessories of the guests, and also the boat includes stands – assigned for the diving cylinders on both sides of the boat, thereby providing you with the best sea voyage – fast and comfortable absolutely.

  • Safety and security equipment.
  • Sound Systems.

Hour Price Location
1 hour 30 KWD Sea Tour/Failaka Island
3 hour 75 KWD Sea Tour
6 hour 150 KWD Sea Tour
8 hour 180 KWD Sea Tour
Boat Type Boat
Boat Size 36 feet
No.of Passenger 15
No. of Rooms No Bedroom
No. of Living Rooms w/out
No. of Bathrooms 1
No. of Kitchen No kitchen
Island Available Kubbar/Failaka

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