Silsan Dive-1

Yacht Silsan Dive-1 is considered of its own type in state of Kuwait, highlighted with provisioning of the best diving voyages and marine trips, which full specialty is enjoyed by all members of the family and friends, and the yacht contains a modern and practical living room – holding a smart TV set – furnished with all of latest and high efficient programs and sound systems, in addition to presence of a spacious deck for lying on back under golden sunrays and the yacht is highlighted with existence of an outdoor sitting in the boat’s stern – including a service table and comfortable sittings on both sides of the yacht.

  • Separate captain cabin.
  • Satellite.
  • Sound Systems.
  • Safety and security equipment.
  • Air-conditioning systems.
  • Refrigerator.

Hour Price Location
1 hour 30.000 KWD Sea Tour
1 hour 30.000 KWD Failaka Island
2 hour 60.000 KWD Sea Tour
3 hour 75.000 KWD Sea Tour
4 hour 95.000 KWD Sea Tour
5 hour 115.000 KWD Sea Tour
6 hour 130.000 KWD Sea Tour
7 hour 150.000 KWD Sea Tour
8 hour 150.000 KWD Sea Tour
9 hour 170.000 KWD Sea Tour
10 hour 190.000 KWD Sea Tour
11 hour 210.000 KWD Sea Tour
12 hour 230.000 KWD Sea Tour
24 hour 470.000 KWD Sea Tour
Boat Type Fast boat - Diving boat
Boat Size 36 feet
No.of Passenger 10
No. of Rooms 10
No. of Living Rooms 25
No. of Bathrooms 10
No. of Kitchen 2
Island Available 5

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