Yacht Ibtesama 5 is highlighted with its Deck space, holding a capacity of 20 guests internally, highlighted with presence of a living room for relaxation and viewing Television in the yacht’s basement, and the yacht holds a spacious dining room and full-furnished preparatory kitchen and (2) toilets and also the yacht provides one main bedroom, sufficient for two adults, holding a cot of king size, and the room also contains lateral glass windows for provision of the excellent sea sight and allow passage of the day’s warm light, and the yacht is highlighted with presence of outdoor sittings in the yacht’s bow for lying on back, under sunrays, with the family members and friends, and other sittings at the yacht’s deck for enjoying with exclusive scope of views.

Separate captain cabin. Satellite.
Sound Systems. Safety and security equipment.
Air-conditioning systems. Refrigerator.
Microwaves oven. Water heater.

Hour Price Location
1 hour 60.000 KWD Sea Tour
2 hour 115.000 KWD Sea Tour
3 hour 140.000 KWD Sea Tour
4 hour 175.000 KWD Sea Tour
5 hour 185.000 KWD Sea Tour
6 hour 195.000 KWD Sea Tour
7 hour 245.000 KWD Sea Tour
8 hour 295.000 KWD Sea Tour
9 hour 345.000 KWD Sea Tour
10 hour 365.000 KWD Sea Tour
11 hour 375.000 KWD Sea Tour
12 hour 385.000 KWD Sea Tour
24 hour 790.000 KWD Sea Tour
Boat Type Yacht
Boat Size 55 feet
No.of Passenger 20
No. of Rooms 1
No. of Living Rooms 2
No. of Bathrooms 2
No. of Kitchen 1
Island Available Sea tour

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