Silsan 2

Yacht Silsan 2 is highlighted with its expansive space that has a capacity of 85 guests, whereas it allows all of the family members and friends to get together and to have pleasure and amusement with pleasant marine atmospheres, as the yacht is made of three (3) stories that allows you to pass absolutely the best comfortable voyage. The main wing is highlighted with presence of expansive reception hall and preparatory kitchen, and the basement holds 6 Nos. of bedrooms, with air-conditioning systems, enable the guests to feel further comfort during the hot rendezvous voyages, in addition to 4 Nos. of well furnished toilets and the upper story has a deck of exclusive scope of view and comfortable sittings –covered by umbrellas protecting from the sunrays, and the yacht is highlighted with presence of separate captain cabin and further the yacht is furnished with a small boat for transportation of the passengers from/to the Island.

Separate captain cabin. Satellite.
Sound Systems. Safety and security equipment.
Air-conditioning systems. Refrigerator.
Microwave Oven. Water Heater.

Hour Price Location
1 hour 75.000 KWD Sea Tour
2 hour 140.000 KWD Sea Tour
3 hour 195.000 KWD Sea Tour
4 hour 245.000 KWD Sea Tour
5 hour 265.000 KWD Sea Tour
6 hour 275.000 KWD Sea Tour
7 hour 310.000 KWD Sea Tour
8 hour 320.000 KWD Sea Tour
9 hour 330.000 KWD Sea Tour
10 hour 340.000 KWD Sea Tour
11 hour 375.000 KWD Sea Tour
12 hour 375.000 KWD Kubbar Island/Sea Tour
24 hour 750.000 KWD Kubbar Island/Sea Tour
Boat Type Yacht
Boat Size 86 feet
No.of Passenger 85
No. of Rooms 6
No. of Living Rooms 1
No. of Bathrooms 4
No. of Kitchen 1
Island Available Kubbar

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